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I am all too aware of some of the challenges teachers face when teaching with technology. One of my greatest joys is teaching others how they can develop their skills in not only using educational technology but how they can use these skills across the curriculum. Even greater is the creativity that is exposed when children learn different ways to present their learning. 

I have presented different workshops to local teachers, online webinars and conferences in Australia and Singapore. 

Please contact me if you would like information about me presenting at your conference or school either in person or remotely. 

Success in STEAM


Explore ways you can create an engaging Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths (STEAM) program for the Primary Years and early Secondary. 

Suitability: Kinder to Year 8

Getting Started with Coding in the Primary Years


Explore the basics of computer coding so that you can get your teachers and students creating with code in no time. 

Suitability: Kinder to Year 6

Integrating Education Technology across the Curriculum


Find ways you can use available technologies in your classroom both creatively and meaningfully.

Suitability: Kinder to Year 12



Learn how to use Seesaw, the amazing learning tool. I can show you how to use activities, set up skills, understand the journal and much more. 

Suitability: Anyone using Seesaw

Robots for Literacy and Numeracy

Find out ways you can use different robots to engage students in literacy and numeracy. 

Suitability: Kinder to Year 6

Coding for Literacy and Numeracy

Find out ways you can use coding to enhance numeracy and engage in literacy. 

Suitability: Kinder to Year 6

Beginner EdTech

New with Education Technology? This is suitable for schools with new technology programs or minimal expertise on hand to support staff in using it. 

Suitability: Kinder to Year 12

Creativity with Technology

Find out how you can use technology in your classroom to engage students creatively. Explore new and different ways that students can present their learning with the tools available to them. 

Suitability: Kinder to Year 12

Opportunities and Challenges of Remote Learning

Compare the challenges and opportunities that remote learning presents us. It's not all doom and gloom.

Suitability: Kinder to Year 12

Training Teachers for Online Education

Preparing teachers to be able to teach remotely is not an easy task. Skill levels vary so greatly that it's almost impossible to create a 'one size fits all' approach. 

Learn how I've been able to cater for different learning types and skill abilities while preparing teachers for remote teaching. 

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