Saturday, 16 November 2019

iPad Basics for Teachers (part 2) - the Apps Straight Out of the Box - Keynote

iPads come with so much free stuff that there is barely a need to go and spend a small fortune on apps. Over the next few posts, I'll highlight the best of each of Apple's apps; Keynote, Notes, Garage Band, Numbers, Pages, Clips, iMovie and Classroom.


Keynote is probably my favourite Apple app. Similar to Power Point for Windows users, Keynote is a powerful tool with features and capabilities that are far under utilised. I've used Keynote to create presentations, animations for videos, tutorials for 'flipped learning' and for modelling tasks. 
One great way to use Keynote is to
create graphics and animations with transparent backgrounds that you can use in iMovie. 

Here are some great ideas for your classroom:

  • ask students to retell a story with pictures, text, audio and animations
  • use the line draw animation and audio recording to explain mathematical concepts
  • Earth Day inspired activities where students can 'annotate' a picture of a part of the school/ community that needs a bit of love
  • add music you've made in Garage Band to bring a story or animation to life
  • learn about mapping by using screenshots of maps and different animations to represent distance and time
  • learn about different shapes and even try and create your own by combining different ones
  • create your own app logos using combinations of different shapes
  • create an app or website prototype by using multiple slides and hyperlinks 
  • get creative with photos by using the instant alpha feature to introduce simple photo shop techniques; great for any media art unit
  • use Keynote at the start of the year so students can tell you all about themselves
  • create visual representations of mathematical problems to better engage learners
  • use Keynote to display your Learning Intentions, student activity and any video links
  • photo collages

There are many more ways you can use Keynote in your classroom. Check out the hashtags #AppleEDUchat and #EveryoneCanCreate on Twitter where educators from around the world share the amazing ways they are redefining learning with Keynote and other Apple apps. 

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