Monday, 3 August 2015

Little Bits of Tech (Part 3) - Tellagami EDU

I love Tellagami. I'm not lying when I say this. As an educational tool, it is something that I find is one of the best 'all round' tools for sharing and assessing writing, speaking and listening, reading, maths, spelling, art and music.

In my class, I have used Tellagami mainly to assess my students speaking and listening skills and writing skills. My favourite activity and the one I have received praise for was
when I had my students write a persuasive text using an app of their choice. They then had to use this as the background to Tellagami and record their voices using the avatar. This was a fantastic task that incorporated 21st century learning skills and cross-curriculum links to writing, digital technology, speaking and listening.

Some ways you can use Tellagami:
  1. You can type text in to the app and the avatar you create will speak it for you. This is a fantastic way for students to test out their spelling to see how words sound once they are typed out. 
  2. Students can write or speak a book review.
  3. Great for students with English as a second language to have them practice their speaking.
  4. Students can use it to make a book review. This is especially useful for students that struggle reading or writing as they can speak their review. 
  5. Present new skills in maths.
  6. App smashing by incorporating elements from other apps such as Pic Collage as design backgrounds, or even saving your Tellagami as a video and inserting it in to other apps such as Book Creator.
  7. Conduct an art review.
I am only scratching at the surface with my use of the app but it is very popular at my school and I love hearing about how others have used it in their class. 

Some colleagues of mine, Emily Fintelman and Erin McNamara recently presented on Student Centred Learning at DigiCon 2015 in Melbourne and featured some uses of Tellagami. If you want to check out their presentation you can see it here: 

If you use Tellagami in class I would love to hear about it, so leave me a comment and a blog link to check out.

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