Saturday, 15 August 2015

Evernote - Getting Started in the Classroom

When I did my last post on my use of Evernote I didn't expect so many people to look at it. It seems it is something that a lot of you want to know more about. I am certainly no expert but I am learning more and more about this product everyday as it becomes ingrained in my daily routine.

I figured I would share more of what I have been doing with Evernote as it may give others some ideas of how they can put it to work.

When I started to use Evernote in class I found it
all a bit frustrating and confusing. Firstly, it is always challening to introduce new technologies to such young students - mine are grade 3. There were a lot of little hiccups that made me want to just give up on it all however, I perservered because I could see the long term value. 

A great deal of time was spent getting things off the ground. For this to work for me, I wanted any work my students did to be instantly shared with me; without the pressing of 'share' buttons or without the sending of emails. For this to happen, I set up an individual notebook for every student and then shared it with them. Once they recieved my shared notebook, that meant that anything they put in there would automatically save to my own Evernote - as I was the owner of that notebook. 

These pictures show the steps I took to set up my students notebooks along with an example of some shared work. I have taken my own screenshots for these and annotated them using Evernote - this I will talk more about in future posts.

Feel free to ask questions if you need help setting these up.

Setting up the notebook
Sharing the notebook

An example from one of my students

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