Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Little Bits of Tech (Part 2) - Evernote

Evernote has become a major part of my teaching and my students learning and this post is probably one that will have follow ups as I learn more and more about this fantastic tool.

The best thing for me about Evernote is that
it can be used across platforms and syncs effortlessly. I will use my iPad on the go in the classroom to collect student work samples and when I am at my desk, I just open the program and all my work is there already.

Student notebook
I have student files set up that I shared with them earlier in the year so that whenever they save work they have completed it automatically syncs to my own devices. This has made it extremely convenient to have all their work together in one space.

Using the work chat function has also been useful when students want to send me work samples or questions.

The best thing though for me is that Evernote is not something we use in class for the sake of using it. We use it to compliment the learning that is happening. Students are learning valuable 21st Century Learning skills whilst also learning curriculum specific criteria. I find my students are more engaged when they have a choice between using their iPad and sharing on Evernote than if they were only given the option of writing in a work book.

Here is a list of some of the things I have been using Evernote for:
  • Collecting and storing student work samples
  • Annotating work samples
  • Administrative tasks
  • Calendars
  • Lists
  • Work Chat functions
  • Lesson and unit planning
  • Sharing learning resources with colleagues
As time goes by I am finding that I am using this more and more. Eventually, I aspire to using Evernote for all of my student work collection and annotation including running records, student reading samples (using audio tools) and parent/ teacher contacts and sharing. It's all in baby steps though and I am happy to learn as I go.

If you want to learn more, my good friend Bec Spink is a whiz with Evernote and has some brilliant tutorials and helpful hints on how to use it. My advice is to start with the below video and then head over to her website here.

Evernote- Get Organised and Go Paperless! from Rebecca Spink on Vimeo.

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