Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Catch Up Time

It has been such a busy few months and I haven't really posted much at all. I am in the process of working on a new series of blog posts titled 'Little Bits of Tech' where I share my knowledge and experiences of using a variety of ICT tools in the classroom. The first post about using Google Drive is up now, so check it out here.

For now I guess I will update what I have been up to.

I recently had to organise an excursion for my schools grade 3 and 4 students to the Melbourne Immigration Museum. The trip was part of our 'tuning in' activities for our Challenged Based Learning (CBL) big idea, Diversity.

I had never organised an excursion before and really wanted to prove to myself that I could learn and succeed in doing it, so when it was discussed I volunteered to get things under way. Now, if you have never organised an excursion before you might think that it wouldn't be a difficult thing to do; I know I did. That was my first mistake; organising for 150 students is a HUGE undertaking.

There are so many things to take in to consideration for something like this. The first thing to consider was how many students out of our 170 in grade 3 and 4 would come? We worked on the assumption that 80% would attend and so set to work on permission notes, bus bookings and tour bookings at the museum. Great, first hurdle out of the way right? Wrong. I had to consider that the majority of students would not pay their money on time and that I could potentially be taking funds right up to the day before the excursion. This is exactly what happened (and caused a great deal of stress).

By the time the trip came around, we had 146 students going and 14 adults. The museum was brilliant (if you haven't been, you definitely should) and the only hiccup for the day was a broken down bus. Did I learn lessons though? Of course I did; I should have asked for help a bit earlier to avoid a last minute "Oh my gosh, have I done everything" panic. It was a success though and I think I did well considering my inexperience and the scale of the event. In fact, I could probably add 'Event Planner' to my resume now.

Apart from the excursion, I have been busy just teaching, being a family man and getting ready to undertake my Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) accreditation. I'm still loving teaching and my first year has been great and cannot believe it is now past the half way point.

I'll do my best to update my blog a bit more regularly, especially after all the motivation I received from attending DigiCon 2015 recently at Swinburne University. After that, I have so much I want to try out at school and will surely be gearing up to share it with the world. 

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