Thursday, 16 April 2015

"Because I'm Happy"

I was recently asked to be involved in the making of a motivational video for a young girl in the US that suffers a very rare medical condition.

Of course, being able to do something that makes someone happy made me jump at the chance. As a result, with the help of Bec Spink we got my year 3 class to make a video so that we
could send it to Emma's teacher, Nicholas Provenzano (AKA The Nerdy Teacher - check out his wickedly fantastic blog here).

Nicholas and his class did a fantastic job and I really hope Emma loves the video.

I am attaching two videos here. The first is the finished video which includes peoples contributions from around the world. My class appears towards the end.

The second video is the one we made and sent to Nicolas to use. I am really proud of how much they enjoyed the process and how much they genuinely cared about making Emma happy.

Please share the videos around to show Emma how far reaching her story has come so that that happiness can rain upon her and lift her spirits.

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